Changing voice: Activity 2

The leader of the party is elected by the political party. → The political party elects the leader of the party.

The full costs of their care are met by the NHS. → The NHS meets the full costs of their care.

The flowers had been watered by the gardener. → The gardener had watered the flowers.

The $80m relief effort is being coordinated by the United Nations. → The United Nations is coordinating the $80m relief effort.

On the OHV engine both the alternator and water pump are driven by a ‘V’ belt. → On the OHV engine the 'V' belt drives both the alternator and water pump.

And in this instance he’s being embraced by the goddess Isis. → And in this instance the goddess Isis is embracing him.

I’ve been asked that so many times. → People have asked me that so many times.

The patients were interviewed and tested in a laboratory. → Researchers inverviewed and tested the patients in a laboratory.

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