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Blogs, links and other resources


Grammarianism - A Blog for Teachers of English (Bas Aarts)

Slang Lexicographer - A Blog about Slang (Jonathon Green)

Separated by a Common Language - Observations on British and American English by an American Linguist in the UK (Lynne Murphy)

The Language Log - A General Blog about Language (Various authors)

Language: A Feminist Guide (Deborah Cameron)

Lingua Franca - Language and Writing in Academe (Various authors)

Johnson - Language Column at the Economist (Robert Lane Greene)

EngLangBlog - A Blog for A-Level English Language Students and Teachers (Dan Clayton)

Teaching resources

English Language Teaching Resources Archive at Queen Mary, University of London

A-level English Language Resources at Lancaster University

Sounds Familiar at the British Library

Corpus For Learning resources

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