Adverbial: Used as linking device

Adverbials typically modify verbs or clauses, but they can also be useful as linking devices to connect clauses to the content of the preceding text. Here are some examples of Adverbials that have this function. Remember that Adverbials can appear in different shapes: as adverbs (or adverb phrases), as prepositional phrases, as (shortened) clauses, or as set phrases.


  • firstly, first of all, secondly
  • for one thing
  • equally, also, in addition
  • furthermore, what is more, moreover, above all
  • finally, lastly, to conclude, last but not least, in conclusion, to sum up


  • that is to say, namely, for example, for instance


  • consequently, so, therefore, as a result, in that case, then


  • in other words, rather, put differently, alternatively


  • by contrast, on the contrary, on the other hand, instead


  • however, nevertheless, still, yet, in any case, all the same, at any rate, in spite of that


(to signal digression)

  • by the way, incidentally

(to signal return from digression)

  • as I was saying, what I was saying, anyway

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