Understanding and analysing metaphor


  • Understand the concept of metaphor and how they are formed
  • Analyse the use of metaphor in a real text

Lesson Plan

  • Using the information and examples below, explain that metaphor is an everyday part of human communication
  • Use the examples of metaphor to explain how they are formed: by something abstract being understood in terms of something concrete
  • At this point, students could discuss any other examples of metaphor they can think of
  • Next, move onto the activity, which is analysing the use of metaphor in a political speech. it may be useful to provide a bit of context about the EU referendum here, if students are unsure about this
  • Students should then work out which metaphors are being used, and try and explain why they might have been used. One example has been done for you. It's important that students focus on the meanings and effects created by the use of metaphor.
  • Their findings could then be written up into a short analytical passage.

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