Passives with 'get': Activity

Uncle Ahmed was bitten by the snake.
Uncle Ahmed got bitten by the snake.

A large house was demolished on Westmoreland Hill.
A large house got demolished on Westmoreland Hill.

These temples were abandoned in medieval times.
These temples got abandoned in medieval times.

I was given time to study.
I got given time to study.

They were soaked by the rain.
They got soaked by the rain.

One of his arms was stuck.
One of his arms got stuck.

The fridge was completely emptied out.
The fridge got completely emptied out.

The car was dented.
The car got dented.

I was sent home that night.
I got sent home that night.

They were put out of business.
They got put out of business.

This was hoovered yesterday.
This got hoovered yesterday.

She was hit by a car.
She got hit by a car.

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