Prepositions in instructional writing: Activity


Cut the meat into even-sized cubes, leaving any fat, but removing all gristle.

Process for 10 seconds, scrape the sides. Make sure the meat is thoroughly evenly cut, then turn the meat into a separate bowl.

Add the onion and egg yolk to the bowl and process until the food is pureed, add salt and pepper to the meat.

Mix all the ingredients thoroughly together, divide the food into four portions and shape everything into 1 inch thick patties with smooth, round sides.

Let these stand, if you can, in the fridge for a few minutes, and then barbecue the portions or fry them in a minimum of oil, in a thick bottomed frying pan.

If you like them rare, a minute on each side on a high flame and then five minutes over a low flame will do it.

If you like them a little bit better done, a minute on each side on a high flame and seven to eight minutes on a low flame should be fine.

You can eat them in buns, with gherkins, tomato sauce, mustard and relishes.

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